Wednesday, February 15, 2017

U.A.E Visa Rules and Regulations, Labour Law: Unified rental contract from March 2017 in Dubai

U.A.E Visa Rules and Regulations, Labour Law: Unified rental contract from March 2017 in Dubai:

next month March 2017 onwards, all of Dubai's property lease contracts
will have a unified structure, according to the Land Department. The
"Unified Lease Form" is designed to "regulate relationships between all
parties involved in such transactions and guarantees the rights of all
parties," the agency said.
will have to download and print contracts from the Ejari website and
must provide assurance that all items included within are based on a
legal framework that regulates the transactions. Items within the
contract will thus be governed by applicable laws, including those
related to rents.
any omissions are subsequently found, there is provision for penalties
to be applied. Parties to the contract agreement should agree on the
items before signing the lease.
to Hamdan Al Madhani, Director of Rental Relations Regulatory
Department, “The applied unified lease form primarily depends on the
legal system, and having unified contracts between the parties
guarantees the rights of all stakeholders involved.
Rental Affairs Sector carries the responsibility to apply the new
unified lease contract, in addition to registering leases and tracking
the real estate index."
As per Law No. (26)  (under
clause No. 16), the landlord is responsible for maintenance repair, and
repair of any damage or defect that may affect the well-being of the
tenant within the premises, unless otherwise agreed.
there cannot be a clause forcing the responsibility on one party alone.
Law No. (2) is one of the references used to draft the unified
contract. The document also refers to Law No. (33), which regulates the
relationship between landlords and tenants, specifically clause No.
(25), which specifies the cases that enable the landlord to request an
can include subleasing of the property, or in the case of using the
property for carrying out prohibited or illegal activities.

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