Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kleindienst Group Becomes First Developer to Break Ground on The World

24th February 2010, Dubai: Kleindienst Group has become the first developer to start construction on The World islands in Dubai. The developer of The Heart of Europe project has officially broken ground on Germany Island with specialist engineering contractor Foundation Construction Group Limited (FCG) commencing vibro-compaction work late yesterday.

A project milestone not only for the Kleindienst Group but for the entire World archipelago, Chief Executive Josef Kleindienst was joined by Nakheel Executive Chairman H.E. Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem for the official ground breaking ceremony.

Construction has started just one week after FCG’s appointment, confirming earlier claims by Kleindienst that offshore logistical requirements of developing on The World will not hinder progress.
“Exactly two months ago we launched Germany Island with a clear promise to start construction in Q1 of 2010. I am very proud to say we are delivering on that promise. Today FCG started critical foundation stabilisation work. By the end of this year you will start to see the first villas on The World, one of which will be my own home,” said Kleindienst.
“While we are the first developer to begin construction, we are aware of several more that are not far behind us. The World project is very real, it is taking shape as we speak and I firmly believe that when complete it will become the most expensive property in the emirate of Dubai,” he added.

Commenting on the Kleindienst ground breaking, H.E. Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem said: “On behalf of Nakheel and everyone involved in the creation of The World, I would like to congratulate Mr Kleindienst on this important milestone. We look forward to the successful development of Germany Island into another world class destination in Dubai.”
The soil improvement operation, called “vibro-compaction”, involves the use of electric depth vibrators that mechanically agitate and lock the sand particles together down to seabed level (a depth of 18 – 20 metres), to ensure that all construction on the island is stable and sound. The technique is recognised internationally and is a standard procedure in the densification of reclaimed land.

Since The Heart of Europe launched in December 2009 Kleindienst Group has sold 11 villas on Germany Island

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