Sunday, February 08, 2009

Online property barter services In Dubai

Property Swap is the first formalized online property barter community in the UAE for those looking to shift or exchange real estate stock. Designed by the region’s leading property brand,, this web-based solution is aimed at home owners and property investors feeling the pinch of the cautious market conditions. Gowealthy Prop Shop enables registered users to effortlessly connect with people in similar situations who are willing and able to exchange residential, commercial and even land plots from the comfort of their home.
The current economic climate has left many people in the unfavorable position of having to sell and move, but are unable to do so. In addition, many owners and investors have a number of properties they would rather exchange for more desirable or favored properties, than retain as stock. Prop Swap provides such clients with an inexpensive tool to access exclusive organizations or investors seeking properties in new areas. With property sales falling and regular sales chains collapsing, the time is ripe for creative marketing and sales solutions within the property market. Property swapping has the substantial advantage of allowing an owner-investor to take control. It helps initiate sales by matching the properties of people who want to trade up or down but are unable to sell in a normal chain because of market conditions.
“We have the most comprehensive property swap service to date as Gowealthy is linked to a vast data base of clients who either are looking to buy, or sell. Specialized in swapping, buying and selling, Prop Swap will accommodate everyone from private owners to investors, property brokers and large organizations. Our aim is to help them sidestep the existing market situation and ease the pressure of buying and selling. There is no time-consuming frustration of dealing with multiple estate agents as members of the Prop Swap community can list more than one property,” says Peter Penhall, Chief Executive of

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