Monday, August 04, 2008

UAE needs to spend over US$10 billion to address demand for power -

"UAE. In response to escalating demands, the UAE Government has announced plans to expand its 10-gigawatt production capacity by more than 50% by 2017. The government is undertaking necessary actions to provide adequate supply of electricity, especially in rapidly growing emirates such as Dubai, which has recorded a 14% increase per year.

It has been estimated that the UAE needs to spend more than US$10 billion to meet soaring power demand. Business Monitor International (BMI) predicts that the country will account for 5.77% of regional power generation by 2011.

Recognising the tremendous potential in leveraging this market, Tripp Lite, a world leading manufacturer of power protection and connectivity equipment has announced plans to expand its current portfolio of power protection and continuity products. The company is aiming to offer more robust power protection and continuity equipment to address the requirements of the UAE market, which uses around 11,000 kilowatt hours per person per year.

“The swelling demand for power in the UAE is being fuelled by the rapid increase in population and unprecedented growth in the nation’s economy, all of which requires tremendous amounts of electricity,” said Vipin Sharma, Vice President"

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