Monday, January 22, 2007

Dubai tower on fire - construction workers trapped inside

DUBAI -- (2ND UPDATE) At least one person was killed Thursday when a fire broke out in a high-rise apartment building under construction in the Gulf emirate of Dubai, with dozens of workers trapped by the flames as rescue crews tried to reach them, police said.

Another person may also have died in the blaze and between 40 and 50 other people were taken to hospital with minor injuries, Colonel Omar Abdul Aziz told Agence France-Presse.

A Philippine welfare officer was trying to check if Filipinos were among those hurt or killed, Administrator Marianito Roque of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration told in a text message.

“Fire is in the Jumeirah area. (We have) no information yet if there are Filipinos,” he said.

Black smoke was seen billowing from the upper floors of the building, located in a cluster of two dozen residential buildings under construction, each more than 30 stories high on the Jumeirah Islands.

Several dozen workers could be seen on the upper, unfinished floors of the building, trapped by the flames, some waving what appeared to be towels and holding on to the scaffolding.

A man was seen scrambling to climb down the building from its outer side while others appeared to be trying to climb to the roof.

Ambulances and fire trucks had raced to the scene and firefighters were putting out the blaze as hundreds of workers and onlookers watched the drama from the street below.

A helicopter was hovering over the building, trying to land on the roof but not succeeding.

The fire was brought under control.

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Zhanna said...

Nowadays, there are so many construction companies, which build so many fascinating buildings in Dubai. Dubai property building industry is going at full speed.
But the question is do companies follow the main security requirements, or are these constructions fool-proof in order to use them?