Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Showers are no longer what they used to be.

Gone are the days when a mere simple shower used to adorn bathrooms. Today you have a wide variety to choose from with many kinds of facilities that make you want to stay under the shower longer.

Life depends on water. Water depends on technology. No wonder sanitaryware manufactures are vigorously pursuing this theme ever since they realised that water, the most important natural resource although covers two-thirds of the planet, has to be utilised carefully because only 2 per cent of it can be used for drinking.

Saving water

Therefore, the need to save water are uppermost in the minds of the people when design bathroom fittings. "Water-efficient and power-saving plumbing products have become part of our luxury rooms," says M. Shayed of Glamour Rooms.

Without compromising on optimum comfort, Grohe has designed its thermostatic mixers and showers.

The Grohtherm 3000 thermostatic mixer achieves that rare marriage of fascinating forms and contours with sophisticated technological benefits. Its Aquadimmer is a fixer that enables control of three separate functions - on/off, flow rate and bath/shower diverter - with one single movement.

Built-in safety

Protection against unintentional scalding is provided by a built-in safety button, which limits the temperature to 38 degree centigrade. It is also effective water and power saver thanks to its eco-button, which reduces flow rate by approximately 50 per cent, say dealers.

Setting standards in thermostatically controlled shower comfort is the Grohtherm 1000. It has a precision selector enabling the water temperature to be preset achieving and maintaining the desired temperature in seconds.

A shower is also a time to relax. That is why products are designed to relax like in the rain as well as getting a refreshing massage.

Different patterns

Different patterns of shower are available in the market. One is the wide spray, which has a steady flow with a refreshing and relaxing effect. The other is the champagne spray.

It is a soft spray aerated with millions of tiny air bubbles for a gently refreshing shower.

The massage - pulsating spray has a vigorous massaging action for a pleasantly invigorating shower while the jet spray has a forceful spray pattern for focused stimulation of the skin.

Other types include the rain spray and laminar spray. Rain spray is a full-bodied spray that envelops and caresses the body while the laminar spray offers a solid water flow with little splashing for a shower experience that is soothing and improves blood circulation.


Grohe showers have several advantages. Its Twist-Free feature prevents the shower hose from twisting and tangling. Another feature is the Cool-Touch design. It creates a thermal barrier to isolate the exterior surface of the hand shower from passing through it. This way, the hand shower will never get too hot to handle even after prolonged use at high temperature settings.

Speed-Clean, another feature eliminates the nuisance of lime scale build up. A simple wipe with a cloth or the palm of your hand is all it takes to remove lime scale from elastic nozzles. The Groh-Click snap coupling is designed to easily switch the hose between the showers.

Wall-mounted ones

Wall-mounted F1 designed by F.A. Porsche emphasis on excellent technology and high quality materials ensuring maximum shower comfort. It has four side showers, one overhead shower and one head shower. The Amera is a work of art in its own right. This wall-mounted model creates an exciting combination of glass and water.

Aquatower 3000 can be wall mounted and corner mounted. Combining a head shower, a hand shower and four adjustable side showers in an integrated design this model can be installed in any shower enclosure. Similarly, Aquatower 2000 and Aquatower 1000 have stylish designs and compact dimensions.

Rainshower, Rainshower system, Freehander, Movario, Sensia, Tempesta and Relexa Plus are other models from this company. The Freehander can be turned from the head shower to the side shower position. The Movario shower rail, which won the RedDot Design Award for its RotaHead system, has a unique feature to direct water at any angle from any position along the rail.

M. Gireesh Bhat of Sadguru Sanitaryware says that Hindware shower panels are known for their design and performance. Its Prime model has an aluminium body; eight massage jets, duck-style spout, shampoo holder and mirror. Ester, Windsor and Trendz models are manufactured out of toughened glass. Olympus, Opal and Ripples have ABS body while another model Regal is made out of stainless steel.

Various models

Hindware showers come in various models with five flow massage, single flow hand shower with double lock 1.5 m brass plated flexible hose and adjustable wall hook, health faucet brass with double lock, three flow massage overhead shower and three flow massage shower with double lock.

Toto from Japan brings out world-class products. Its thermostatic bath faucets are safe and comfortable. These economical shower units keep the temperature fluctuation of hot water to minimum and uses water to maximum efficiency before the water reaches the ideal temperature. It is made with Shape-Memory Alloy (SMA) a material, which returns to its original shape immediately at the set temperature even if the shape has been changed.

Added feature

These showers have another feature. When using hot water for a long time, the metal components on the hot water side become very hot. To prevent any unpleasant burning, the metal components on the hot water side are covered with a cold water pipe to keep them cool.

The click showerhead has a handy button to switch on/off the water flow.

By turning off the water frequently when showering everyday about 46,720 litres of water per year can be saved in a four-member family, the company says according to its calculation.


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