Thursday, April 06, 2006

I & M Tower - Overview - Dubai ::

I & M Tower - Overview - Dubai :: "I & M Tower – The Dynamic Business Centre

Located at the heart of Dubailand, the I & M Tower offers the best commercial space within the City of Arabia. Over looking the Emirates Road and the Wadi Walk, the I & M Tower is designed to create a perfect ambience fulfilling all the business and commercial requirements. Surrounded by an awe-inspiring view including a peaceful lagoon, offering all the modern amenities and urban conveniences, I & M Tower is an unrivalled business address in the city of Arabia, placing your business right on the pulse of the vibrant and growing market.

The exclusive 45 storey dedicated, carefully planned commercial I & M Tower provides a dynamic visual backdrop to an elegant urban centre. With a dramatic facade, the Tower complements the already striking appearance of the area and offers facilities perfect for individual or corporate investment. The meticulous planning of the I & M Tower ensures a dynamic and modern environment.

I & M Tower offers a convenient access via several junctions from the Emirates Road, with the monorail connecting them to all areas of the City of Arabia and the Dubai Light Railway.


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