Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sahara Center opens seven new retail outlets


Sahara center, the premiere shopping and entertainment center in Sharjah is anticipating increased foot traffic during Eid with opening of retail shops of international brands. Patchi, Calliope, Via Rossi are some of them. The mall has arranged Nissan Murano promotions and 70% discounts in many of its retail shops.

Sahara Center

Patchi, the region's most popular chocolate gift shop is now open at Sahara Centre. Patchi is famous for its elegant chocolate gifts presented in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. It offers its sweets and chocolates wrapped in elegant styles to suit every occasion.

'We already have an enviable line-up of world-class shopping brands. However, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the shopping experience of our customers, hence we thought of adding seven more exciting retail outlets," said Gavin Cox, Sahara Centre Managing Director.

The new shops also include Calliope, an Italian brand for ladies fashion, which has opened in the Middle East for the first time at Sahara Centre, only its sixth outlet in the world. Calliope is renowned for high quality and fashionable clothes and accessories.

Via Rossi, meanwhile, offers the latest in ladies shoes fashion. Via Rossi operates on the concept of offering multi-branded ladies shoes, focusing on style as its main element of success. Sacoche is another exciting shop, which offers haute couture ladies handbag and other accessories

Al Mahara Salon & Spa, operated by Frank & Provost, a woman's salon known for its elegance, modernity, and luxury styling to enhance a woman's beauty has also been opened. The famous salon offers the latest equipment and technology for beauty enhancement. Frank Provost operates also in Dubai 's premium establishments Including Burj Al Arab and Dubai Marine.

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