Saturday, March 12, 2005

Syrian Troop Convoy Withdraws From Lebanon

The New York Times > International > Middle East > Syrian Troop Convoy Withdraws From Lebanon:
"BEIRUT, Saturday, March 12 (AP) - A 62-vehicle convoy carrying Syrian troops and equipment withdrawn from northern Lebanon crossed the border early on Saturday in a heavy snow as Syrians at the frontier welcomed the troops home, throwing flowers and chanting, 'We love Syria!'

But intelligence agents remained in nine offices in northern Lebanon, and the United Nations Middle East envoy said Syria needed to produce a timetable for a full withdrawal from the rest of Lebanon.
The civilians gathered under the roof of a Syrian customs checkpoint, seeking shelter from the cold and heavy snow that delayed the crossing for several hours. They waved Syrian flags and blew whistles. Some handed flowers to the soldiers, while others threw rice, rose petals and sweets in a traditional Arab welcome. Some in the crowd sang national songs to the beat of drums.
The convoy crossed the border at Jedeidet Yabous, 30 miles from Damascus and 62 miles east of Beirut, the Lebanese capital"

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